How we work

Policy development and strategic planning

First Call Partners has significant experience in facilitating policy development processes and inter-agency coordination. Examples include:  

  • Facilitating the development of an integrated UN approach to stabilisation in Syria and Yemen.
  • Supporting a European Government to develop a policy on countering violent extremism.
  • Supporting the development of a police reform plan in Sri Lanka.
  • Supporting the development of an integrated UK approach to the conflict in North East Nigeria and the Lake Chad Basin.

Research and analysis

First Call Partners has expertise in conducting research in conflict-affected countries to ensure that policy and programmes are informed by a nuanced understanding of local context and political economy. Examples include:

  • Conflict and stability analysis for the UK Government in many locations including Algeria, Central Asia, Iraq, Nigeria, North Africa, Sierra Leone and Syria.
  • Research on the impact of COVID-19 on social cohesion and security for UNDP in Iraq and UK Government in West Africa.
  • Political economy analysis in Iraq for the Danish and German Governments.
  • Scoping studies on rule of law in Pakistan and Zimbabwe for the UK Government.
  • Research on maritime security and piracy in the Gulf of Guinea to inform development of UK Government response.
  • Public survey in Mali to inform the work of the UN peacekeeping mission.

Programme design

First Call Partners has significant experience designing effective and locally-appropriate programmes in fragile and conflict-affected states. Examples include:

  • Design of multi-donor conflict and stabilisation programmes in Iraq, Syria and Yemen.
  • Design of UK Government-funded security and justice programme in Nepal.
  • Design of UK/UN security and justice programme in Somalia.
  • Developing approaches for the integration of armed groups in Burkina Faso, Iraq, Libya, Mali, Nigeria and Somalia.

Support to programme delivery

First Call Partners provides strategic and technical inputs to support the delivery of conflict, security and governance programmes. Examples include:

  • EU-funded policing and community security programme in Lebanon
  • UK-funded anti-corruption programme in Sierra Leone
  • UK-funded peacebuilding programme in Georgia.
  • UK-funded policing programme in Nigeria
  • UK-funded security and justice programme in Somaliland.
  • UK-funded stabilisation programme in the Lake Chad Basin.

Monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL)

First Call Partners has a strong track record in MEL. We can help you to design systems to track progress, learn from experience and adapt interventions. Examples include:

  • Providing ongoing MEL support to UK Conflict, Stability and Security Fund (CSSF) programmes in West Africa.
  • Evaluated the effect of UK military assistance in Cameroon and Nigeria.
  • Providing ongoing MEL support to UK Government programmes in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Provided ongoing MEL support to UK/UN Somalia Security and Justice Programme.
  • Provided ongoing MEL support to UK CSSF Gender and Human Rights portfolio.
  • Evaluated the EU-funded justice programme in Myanmar.
  • Conducted three global lessons learned review of the UK Conflict Security and Stability Fund.

Training and organisational capacity building

First Call Partners are experienced trainers and facilitators who can design and deliver bespoke training packages for your needs. Examples of our staff’s work include:

  • Design and delivery of UK Government Security and Justice, and Conflict and Stabilisation training courses.
  • Designing and leading the Diplomatic Academy training course on Conflict Policy and Responses.
  • Supporting Christian Aid to increase the conflict sensitivity of its development and humanitarian programmes.

Developing good practice

First Call Partners has worked with many international organisations and governments to identify good practice and produce guidance to improve programming. Examples of our staff’s work include:

  • Design of a European government’s approach to preventing and countering violent extremism (P/CVE).
  • OECD Handbook on Security System Reform
  • UNDP Community Security and Social Cohesion Approach
  • UK Stabilisation Unit What Works Paper on International Policing Assistance