Our Team

Andy McLean, Director

Andy has over 20 years’ experience of working on conflict, security and governance issues for the UK Government, the UN, partner governments and NGOs. This includes five years living and working in Jamaica for the Planning Institute of Jamaica, Ministry of National Security and UNDP; four years living and working in East Africa for DFID, Stabilisation Unit and UNDP; and a year living in South Africa and working for the Institute for Security Studies. He was formerly Deputy Director of the international NGO Saferworld. He is a Senior Security and Justice Adviser with the UK Stabilisation Unit. andy@firstcallpartners.org

Henry Smith, Director

Henry Smith has over 20 years’ conflict prevention and peacebuilding experience in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East and North Africa. He previously held posts as Senior Conflict Adviser for DFID, Head of the Security and Justice Group in the UK Stabilisation Unit and Director of the international NGO Saferworld. Henry has extensive knowledge and experience of designing and implementing security and justice, stabilisation, local resilience and community security programmes. henry@firstcallpartners.org

Mark White, Director

Mark is a security and justice, governance, conflict and peacebuilding specialist with 15 years’ experience of designing, managing and evaluating complex DFID and HMG programmes. He has worked in a range of fragile and conflict affected states in Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, North Africa and the Former Soviet Union. Mark was formerly Principal for Governance, Security & Justice at Coffey International Development, Deputy Head of the UK Government’s Conflict, Stability and Security Fund, and Deputy Head of the UK Stabilisation Unit. mark@firstcallpartners.org

Duncan Hiscock, Associate Director

Duncan has been working on conflict and security for 15 years. His main areas of expertise include: security sector governance and reform; monitoring and evaluation of security and justice programming; community security and community policing; conflict prevention and conflict sensitivity; and the roles of private security companies in fragile environments. He has worked across Africa, Europe, and Asia. Duncan was formerly Security and Justice Adviser in the UK Government Stabilisation Unit and Head of Policy at Saferworld. duncan@firstcallpartners.org

Jeannette Akua Eno, Associate

Jeanette is a governance and women’s rights specialist and the founder of the Choices and Voices Foundation for Women and Girls in Sierra Leone. From 2016-17, she served as the Governance Sector Co-ordinator in Sierra Leone’s Office of the President. She has managed multi-donor governance and peacebuilding programmes in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. Jeanette helped establish the African Women’s Leadership Institute that equips African women for strategic leadership positions.

Lisa Denny, Associate

Lisa is a governance, justice and security specialist with over 10 years’ experience providing research, training, technical assistance and monitoring and evaluation to governments, NGOs and aid programmes. In particular, Lisa has worked on embedding political economy analysis and adaptive approaches in programming. She has worked in sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia and the Pacific. Lisa was previously a Research Fellow at the Overseas Development Institute.

Catherine Flew, Associate

Catherine specialises in monitoring and evaluation, programme design, theories of change and conflict analysis. She has 15 years’ experience working on conflict, peace and security issues. Catherine has held senior monitoring, evaluation and learning roles at the NGO Saferworld, at the DFID-funded Rule of Law Expertise Programme, and for the UK Government as a consultant via the Stabilisation Unit. Prior to this she spent two years living in Uganda, co-ordinating Saferworld’s programming on arms control and conflict-sensitivity.

Maia Nikolaishvili, Associate

Maia has significant experience as a senior manager in the Georgian NGO and higher education sectors. For six years, she was the head of Europe House, an NGO in Tbilisi which works to promote democratic values, European integration and human rights. She is an experienced researcher and analyst and has led large UN-funded research projects. She is fluent in Georgian, English and Russian.

Judith Whiteley, Associate

Judith has 12 years’ experience of conflict prevention, peacebuilding and governance programmes, particularly in east and central Africa. Working for DFID she focused on the Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia and Ethiopia, and with Saferworld she held the post of Sudan Country Manager. She has also worked for the UK Cabinet Office on formulating the Sustainable Development Goals, and on international climate change policy for the UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

Peter Albrecht, Associate

Peter has 15 years’ experience working as an academic and practitioner in the field of security and justice. He has been a long-term security sector reform adviser to programmes in Sierra Leone (DFID) and Somalia (UN), and worked for the UK Government’s Stabilisation Unit, International Alert, World Bank and the UN Mission in Kosovo. His main areas of expertise are national security coordination, police reform and non-state security provision. Currently, Peter is a Senior Researcher at the Danish Institute for International Studies.

Shivit Bakrania, Associate

Shivit is a research consultant and social research methods specialist with 12 years’ experience in conflict, security and justice. He specialises in producing policy-relevant research and evidence. He was Principal Investigator on high profile research synthesis projects for DFID and UNICEF, and he previously managed the Global Facilitation Network for Security Sector Reform. His research interests centre on the role of youth in political violence and conflict, and on the politics of security and justice provision.

Phil Weatherill, Associate

Phil has over 25 years’ experience in the public and private sector from strategic and operational planning through to implementation. Phil has worked in Africa with NGOs, for the UN on conflict mitigation in South Sudan and in Sierra Leone as Head of a District Ebola Response Centre. He was the first Chief of Operations for the UK Government’s Helmand Provincial Reconstruction Team in Afghanistan. In recent years he has worked primarily in the Middle East on support to the Syrian moderate opposition, as Stabilisation Adviser to the UK Embassy in Iraq, and in support of the anti-ISIS Coalition.